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Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Reinvention at any age is always fun and exciting.

Dina (Hope Shanthi) uses some Cuddle therapy with Mrs. Bernbaum (me) in the pilot episode of "Cuddle: the Series".

At an age when most sane people are contemplating their retirement, I foolishly am stepping into a strange land of new career possibilities. Although I was trained as a graphic designer/ illustrator and still love to work in the visual arts, the last ten years have led me on a path delving deeper into the performing arts. I've always loved to dance, sing, and create characters but the new outlets for telling stories have opened possibilities for me to become more active in this field. There must be something in the waters of my adoptive state of Washington that fuels incredible creativity. New technology emerges every day that is used to tell exciting and original stories and reach audiences worldwide. In just the past couple years I've been a part of several films, a web series, and a number of new stage works. I'm also working on a new and exciting series of projects that I'll talk about in my next blog (suspenseful music here). The photo above is from the web series, "Cuddle". Web series are just one of the many new ways writers and directors are getting their work out there. I had the joy of being cast in their pilot for the series which has, so far, been screened at three festivals and will soon be starting pre-production for its second season. It's a very clever and funny series now available to watch on youtube and via their website.

Other film projects

Another film project I had the pleasure of working with is a film called "Painting Anna". It's now available to stream on Amazon. The film is a very unique mix of documentary and fictional characters directed by Vanessa Pantley. If you like art and want to get a better understanding of the drive that fuels creativity, give the film a look.

"Painting Anna" a film by Vanessa Pantley now available on Amazon

Thank you for reading the first installment on this webpage. More fun and games to come.

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