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the devil's playthings

They say 'idle hands are the Devil's playthings'. With Covid keeping so many of us at home and, in my case, unable to do our usual jobs, the last couple years has left me pretty idle. Consequently, I've been busy exploring new avenues to keep myself out of trouble. That has resulted in finding new outlets to share my graphic designs, paintings, photographs, and stories. I was able to focus on getting more than twenty episodes of our Winking Kat Tales podcast recorded and published. I also found a fun outlet for sharing my designs by creating jigsaw puzzles of my favorite designs and photographs via Winking Kat Books.

The world has been forced to think outside the box these last two years and, thankfully, new apps, services, and other opportunities are now out there for people like me (who have an insatiable desire to make stuff) to share their creations with the world.

You can see some of the puzzle designs on the Winking Kat Books store site.

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